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Normal (Short Film) - Trailer

Written and Directed by Vadim Lasca
Producer: Mariale Fleitas
Director of Photography: Reynaldo Ortiz
Art Director: Daniela Hinestroza
Sound: Frank Rojas
Sound Design: Gabriel Delgado Petersen
Cast: Slavko Sorman, Nina Rancel

Fabricio, a Chavista young man, is stuck at home during the “guarimbas” (disturbance), which occurred in Venezuela on 2014. Alejandra, a former girlfriend of Fabricio, an opposition woman who participates in the street rioting, is pursued by the National Guard, and arrives, without knowing, to the Fabricio’s house. Due to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra should stay with Fabricio until it is safe to get out. During this time together should deal with their political differences, which in the past led to their separation.


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